Watch, listen and enjoy unique collection of Telugu cultural and musical art performances. From country to folk to classical. From jaavali to burra katha.

What is Singapore Raga?

Singapore Raga is a digital studio born out of a passion for the wide variety of Telugu musical art performances. We are a social enterprise that collaborates, creates, and publishes music performances to support the artists in need. 

Play the video to know more

The music from Singapore Raga will always

Support artists in need

Nett proceeds we get go to the artists and musicians.

Make wide variety of music

Light music, Javalis, jaanapadam, bhava geetalu, padyaalu...

Beautifully raw & original voices

Focus on voice. Minimise heavy editing or over-bearing electronics

Local flavours of Telugu culture

From NYC to Namvaram. From KL to Kothagudem. From SG to Siddavaram

Designed for you to hum along

Lyrics, musical notes and everything else you need in one place

Enjoy our music in two ways

Subscribe to the Premium Video Channel to support the artists-in-need directly

All the artist performances in one place. Best way to watch all our music, engage with and support the artists.

  1. Access from any device. 
  2. Provide your feedback to or request for songs from artists directly
  3. Practice and learn easily through visual and text lyrics
  4. Priority early-access to all releases
  5. Ad-free access and personalised lists

Listen to your favourite music Streaming Platforms to enjoy and share easily

Some of the artist performances released to streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, and Saavn.

  1. Follow the playlists to get on-release alerts
  2. Access through web and mobile app
  3. Support artist fund-raising initiatives (limited through Spotify)

Artist profiles

Ontario, Canada
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సూరి కుమారస్వామి
Vijayawada, India
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విద్యాధరి కాపవరపు
See Profile
జానకి కొప్పర్తి
San Jose, United States
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భమిడి కమలాదేవి
Tanuku, India
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అపర్ణ వెలమూరి
United States of America
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హేమలక్ష్మి కావూరు
Nellore, India
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బిందు అండ్ సింధు (BK Sisters)
Hyderabad, India
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శోభన ఆయలసోమయాజుల
Delaware, United States
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పి దుర్గా రావు
Kakinada, India
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