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SG Raga for Artists

A global digital stage for Telugu music & performance artists anywhere to collaborate, create and publish their work

All you need to do is perform. Bring your originality.

Designed to help every artist get onto the digital highway, we provide you with the necessary support, guidance & digital publishing. We publish your songs through our own premium channels and/or well-known streaming sites like Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music.

You just need to know your music & have a good quality phone connected to internet. We help you with the rest.

Get recognized by audience who care.

We are not behind popularity. We get discerning audience across the globe who care for high quality musical performances. Their artistic taste makes them stand-up, listen & enjoy. 

No strings attached.

Anything you provide is yours. Your music, your rights & your profile. We just encourage you to record & share your own music with other like-minded music lovers. 

Keep the music on-stage or take it off, whenever you wish. By the way, anything the platform makes we share with you. Expect 100% transparency from us. From Day 1.