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Category: Swarakalpana

Swara Vibes 39

Swara Vibes is having hiccups this week. :). Watch eclectic compositions from Mohan Kumar and our Guest of Honour Dr. Gowri Ram Mohan

Swara Vibes 38

Swara Vibes is a one-of-a-kind experience that brings you the world of original compositions. This session, presided by our special guest of honor Dr Bhagyamurthy, presents you compositions from Padmapriya, M Yashodhara and Radhika.

Swara Vibes 37

We are now “Swara Vibes”!! From soulful melodies to energetic beats, this episode will take you on a musical journey like no other. Watch performances from Bala Vijaya Valluri & Sarawati Valluri duo, Rajeswari Kommuri, and KV Rama Valli.

Swarakalpana 36

Support these talented artists, and open yourself up to a world of musical brilliance that you won’t find anywhere else. ¬†This episode brings you performances from Hanumath Prasad Bhaskarabhatla, Sai Sandya, and Sethu Madhavi

Swarakalpana 35

Join the Swara Vibes community and be part of this incredible musical exploration. This episodes brings you eclectic performances from Sethu Madhavi, MBK Prabhakar, and Sita Chandrasekhar

Swarakalpana 34

This episode brings a variety of songs from poetic ballads to experimental sounds to you. Performances from Saraswati Valluri, Venkata Brahmanandam, and Krishna Sundari.

Swarakalpana 33

This episode of Swarakalpana includes performances from Ramprasad,  Akondi Srinivasa Rajaram & Palle Pranav, and Atmakuru Pushpavati

29 Swarakalpana

With weekly program schedule, we seem to be facing some technical difficulties. Praying to be able to continue the program smoothly going ahead.  Enjoy the original songs from Vidya K (me!) and Sri Ammulu Durgabhavani garu.

28 Swarakalpana

In this 30-min episode, enjoy the presentations from Sai Sandhya, Sethumadhavi, and Dr C Uma Prasad to our Guest of Honor Sri Ammulu Durgabhavani

27 Swarakalpana

This is the last of the 2hr episodes. We’ll be shifting to shorter format episodes from next series. So enjoy this eclectic collection of 10 songs presented to the Guest of Honor, Sri Dwaram Thyagayya.