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Vidya Sangeetam Academy is a Singapore-based musical arts & performances institute with a passion to develop and promote our culture through music.  If you’re passionate about music, we are open to collaborate, create, coach and promote it together.

Watch and enjoy some of our recent programs, shows, announcements, student performances and other happenings in the music fraternity

Swara Vibes 39

Swara Vibes is having hiccups this week. :). Watch eclectic compositions from Mohan Kumar and our Guest of Honour Dr. Gowri Ram Mohan

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Swara Vibes 38

Swara Vibes is a one-of-a-kind experience that brings you the world of original compositions. This session, presided by our special guest of honor Dr Bhagyamurthy, presents you compositions from Padmapriya,[…]

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Swara Vibes 37

We are now “Swara Vibes”!! From soulful melodies to energetic beats, this episode will take you on a musical journey like no other. Watch performances from Bala Vijaya Valluri &[…]

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What We Do

Collaborate, Create and Promote our culture through musical works online

Currently, we have three main initiatives


Learn to sing by combining self-paced e-learning and hands-on physical/virtual sessions designed to make music part of your daily life. You get to learn to sing like a pro, enjoy performing and find ways to take music with you everywhere you go.

Contact us to know more about the courses.

Swara Vibes

A weekly program for composers and creators to present their original music works (sweeya rachana) from any genre, get peer reviews and expert feedback. 

Contact us to be considered for the upcoming sessions. 

Digital Studio for Artists

A channel that goes beyond film music. You can discover & enjoy music curated carefully from a wide variety of artists who take music as their passion, hobby and profession. Just music. No ads.

We are in ‘beta’ phase. Register early for special access and help shape the studio! 

Join us! Register now to be featured as an Artist on Singapore Raga, our exclusive worldwide digital broadcast from Singapore. 

SPMVV Collaboration

Through an MoU with Sri Pamdavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam (Women’s University), Tirupati, India (SPMVV), we are now offering Advanced Diploma and Certificate courses in music for students in Singapore.

Aspiring music students in Singapore can now enrol and get certificates that carry credits from the University, which can be helpful for further studies.